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Geometry Dash World enthusiasts, prepare yourselves for an exhilarating adventure in Geometry World! This fan-inspired platformer is tailor-made for rhythm-based game lovers seeking endless fun and challenges.

About Geometry World

Geometry World has just received a major update, introducing a completely new storyline to its players. Dive into two captivating worlds, each featuring five meticulously crafted levels, along with new dungeons, music tracks, adversaries, and revamped gameplay elements.

Are you ready for the ultimate gaming challenge? Geometry World beckons die-hard gamers to test their skills in one of the most demanding rhythm game-platformer hybrids available on PC. Brace yourself for levels brimming with obstacles, traps, and ingenious devices designed to push your platforming prowess to its limits. Despite its title, Geometry World is more about skill than mathematics.

Geometry World serves as a sequel to the acclaimed Geometry Lite rhythm game, released three years after the original. With 10 levels spread across two worlds, this iteration focuses on quality over quantity, introducing new icons, a store, daily missions, and hidden surprises.

Gameplay Mechanics

This geometry-based game boasts simplicity in controls, with just one button to navigate through its challenges. Your objective? Navigate through each level without colliding with obstacles. Think of it as a 2D infinite runner; anyone capable of pressing a button can dive into the action.

Engage in daily quests to earn valuable rewards essential for your progression through Geometry World's stages. With over 200 achievements waiting to be unlocked, there's no shortage of challenges to conquer. Seize the opportunity to claim victory by completing as many accomplishments as possible!

While Geometry World may initially seem daunting, mastering its mechanics will have you conquering levels with ease. Prepare to face a plethora of challenges scattered throughout the game. With numerous practice modes available, honing your skills has never been easier. Embark on this new adventure universe and test your mettle!

Since its debut on the free-to-play market, Geometry World has soared in popularity, cementing its status as one of the most beloved rhythm games of all time. Now available for free on PC, players can dive into the action with ease. Don't hesitate; join the millions of players already immersed in the Geometry World experience!


  • Action-packed platforming with rhythm-infused gameplay
  • Complete daily missions to earn exciting rewards
  • Access user-generated levels from the Geometry Lite community
  • Customize your character with unlockable icons and colors
  • Experiment with gravity-defying mechanics and other challenges
  • Hone your skills in practice mode to tackle even the toughest levels

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