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Doodle Jump Extra

Doodle Jump Extra is a captivating HTML5 action-adventure game where players control an imaginative creature aiming to ascend as high as possible. The game features straightforward controls; players simply tilt their device to maneuver the character left or right. The main objective is to jump from one platform to another, collecting power-ups scattered across the screen. Beware of traps strategically placed to impede your progress. As you ascend, the game dynamically increases in difficulty, ensuring a thrilling and challenging arcade experience.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Strategic Jumping: Always aim for the highest accessible platforms to maximize your score. Be mindful of traps that can abruptly end your game.

  2. Utilize Power-Ups: Collect power-ups to gain temporary invincibility, allowing you to pass through obstacles unharmed. This can be crucial during challenging segments.

  3. Master the Tilt: Familiarize yourself with device tilting to smoothly navigate left and right. Precise control is key to surviving longer and achieving higher scores.

  4. Watch Your Progress: Pay attention to your score and the difficulty level indicated. The game progressively becomes more challenging as you ascend, keeping the gameplay dynamic and engaging.


  • Challenging Gameplay: Experience increasing difficulty levels that test your reflexes and strategic thinking.
  • Immersive Experience: Enjoy vibrant graphics and atmospheric sounds that enhance the adventure as you climb higher.
  • Addictive Arcade Fun: Doodle Jump Extra provides classic arcade enjoyment suitable for all ages, with its easy-to-learn mechanics and delightful visual style.
  • Kid-Friendly: With its intuitive controls and engaging visuals, it’s perfect for younger players looking for exciting, non-stop action.

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