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Geometry Dash Astronaut 13

Geometry Dash Astronaut 13 is a solo Hard Demon level rated 10 stars, created, verified, and published by Minesap. It is a challenging recreation of Nine Circles, known for its continual use of artificial lines and dark colors, making navigation extremely difficult.

How to play

  1. Cube Section: The level starts with a challenging half-speed cube segment that rapidly switches to dual mode and then back to cube, with several size adjustments. Precision and timing are crucial here to navigate the transitions smoothly.
  2. Spacecraft Section: After the dual mode, the player transforms into a spacecraft. This part is tough, featuring confined passages, many gravity portals, and size variations. Maneuvering through these requires careful control and anticipation of the portals.
  3. Ball and Cube Sections: Following the spacecraft, the player returns to a short cube segment and then to a somewhat simple ball section that can be tricky to manage. Afterward, the player switches back to an easy cube with a few jumps leading into an auto sector.
  4. Nine Circles Wave Section: The auto sector transitions into the notorious Nine Circles wave part. This segment is characterized by gravity fluctuations, dark gaps, and black faux lining, making it hard to discern the correct path. Mastering this section demands sharp focus and memorization of the course.
  5. Mini-Cube Section: After the wave, the player faces a triple-speed mini-cube section with several tough jumps, followed by another wave section. This wave part is less intense but still challenging due to its double speed and additional fake lines and dark colors.
  6. Final Sections: The wave transforms back into a cube with three hops, leading into a challenging duel part with a wave and a ship. This quickly transitions into a basic wave, a brief UFO section, and a short wave, ending with a triple-speed mini-cube section with tricky timing and dark colors. The level concludes with a triple-speed mini-wave part that requires mashing, ending with the words "GG" and Minesap's name.


Mastering Geometry Dash Astronaut 13 requires patience, precision, and practice. Here are some tips to help you conquer this challenging level:

  1. Practice Mode: Utilize practice mode extensively to familiarize yourself with each segment, especially the transitions between different forms. This will help you understand the timing and positioning required to succeed.
  2. Memorization: Given the dark colors and artificial lines, memorizing the course layout is essential. Pay close attention to the placement of portals and gravity switches to avoid unexpected deaths.
  3. Control Sensitivity: Adjust your control sensitivity to find a comfortable setting that allows precise movements, especially during the spacecraft and wave sections.
  4. Timing: Focus on timing your jumps and movements accurately. The confined passages and gravity portals require precise timing to navigate successfully.
  5. Visual Cues: Look for subtle visual cues amidst the dark colors and fake lines. These can guide you on the correct path, especially in the Nine Circles wave part.
  6. Stay Calm: Keeping calm during the intense sections can help maintain focus. Panic can lead to mistakes, so take deep breaths and stay composed.


  • Item Count: This level contains 13,820 items.
  • Duration: The height of the level is 1 minute and 15 seconds.
  • Historical Context: Astronaut 13 is one of the Nine Circles Demons known for using a mixed dual, predating levels like Quasar and Bausha Vortex.
  • Mirror Glitch: The first wave portal is flipped due to a mirror glitch.
  • Bug Fixes: Initially, there was a bug at 144+ FPS that required jumping on a yellow pad too late to avoid removal. This bug has been fixed.
  • Music Removal: The level's music was recently removed by Newgrounds for unknown reasons.

With dedication and practice, you can master the intricacies of Geometry Dash Astronaut 13 and enjoy the thrill of overcoming one of the game's most challenging levels.

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