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Geometry Dash Crimson Clutter

Geometry Dash Crimson Clutter is an Insane Demon level rated 10 stars, created by RedUniverse. This level is known for its challenging gameplay and is considered one of the most difficult Nine Circles levels in the game. Despite its daunting difficulty, the level has been authenticated by its developer. Featuring a blood-red crimson theme, Crimson Clutter is tougher than both Antique Circles and Catastrophic. It is listed on the Geometry Dash Demonlist's Legacy List.

How to play

0-10%: The level begins with a relatively straightforward section featuring a double speed cube. Players will encounter fake linings, troll orbs, and jump pads, making this part a warm-up for the challenges ahead.

11-15%: Next, the player enters a challenging ship sequence filled with gravity portals and orbs. Precision timing is crucial here to avoid spikes and the ground.

16-23%: The player then moves into a half-speed cube section. This part requires a few well-timed jumps and serves as a prelude to the more intense parts of the level.

24-75%: This is where the level's difficulty spikes. The beat drops, launching the player into a triple-speed wave segment reminiscent of classic Nine Circles levels. This segment is extremely difficult, featuring numerous gravity portals, tight spaces, dark colors, and a mirror effect. Players who struggle with sudden direction changes will find this part particularly challenging.

76-100%: The level concludes with a difficult ship sequence. This involves hitting orbs and navigating through gravity changes. The ship slows to half speed towards the end, and RedUniverse’s name appears alongside the text "GG."

Tips for Playing Crimson Clutter

Before diving into the game, it’s essential to understand the level's layout. Watching playthroughs and familiarizing yourself with the different sections can significantly improve your chances of success.

Practice Mode: Utilize practice mode extensively. This will allow you to place checkpoints and practice difficult sections repeatedly without restarting the entire level.

Master Timing: Timing is crucial in Geometry Dash, and Crimson Clutter is no exception. Each jump, orb hit, and gravity change requires precise timing. Practicing each segment will help you get a feel for the exact moments you need to perform each action.

Stay Calm: This level is notoriously difficult, and it’s easy to get frustrated. Maintaining a calm mindset is essential. Take breaks if you need to, and return to the game with a clear mind.

Customize Controls: Ensure your controls are comfortable and responsive. Some players find using a keyboard easier than a mouse or touchscreen, while others prefer different setups. Customize your controls to what feels best for you.

Use Visual Cues: Pay attention to the visual cues in the game. The blood-red theme and various visual effects can provide hints on timing and positioning. Use these to your advantage.

Community Help: Join Geometry Dash communities online. Forums, Discord servers, and YouTube channels can offer valuable tips, support, and strategies from players who have successfully completed Crimson Clutter.

Persistence is Key: Finally, persistence is the key to mastering any Insane Demon level. Crimson Clutter may take numerous attempts, but with persistence and practice, you can conquer it.


  • Password: The level password is 123456.
  • Objects: Crimson Clutter has 10,828 objects.
  • Creator's Achievement: RedUniverse was the first to legitimately beat Down Bass.
  • Unique Feature: Unlike other Nine Circles levels, Crimson Clutter has the flashing wave moving outwards rather than inwards.
  • Suggested Name: Lumpy suggested the name Crimson Clutter.
  • Parodies: KrmaL created a parody called Corrupt Clutter, changing the colors to purple.
  • Remake: Sunix verified a remake called Custom Clutter, using players’ icon colors instead of crimson.
  • Level Length: The level is 58 seconds long, but the 1.9 length system mistakenly lists it as Medium.
  • Completion Records: JakeSJ has completed Crimson Clutter over 150 times.
  • Abbreviation: Crimson Clutter can be abbreviated to CC.
  • Notable Crashes: Riot repeatedly crashed at a troll section in the first cube sequence.
  • Exposure Incident: TacoMacho accidentally revealed himself as the creator of Minions by speed hacking during a stream.

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