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Geometry Dash DeCode Noclip

Geometry Dash DeCode Noclip is an Easy Demon level, rated 10 stars, created by Rek3dge. It is well-known in the Geometry Dash community for its challenging gameplay despite being classified as an Easy Demon.

How to play

  • 0-10%: The level starts with a normal speed cube section featuring simple timing jumps. This part is relatively easy and serves as a warm-up.

  • 10-24%: Next, the level transitions into a two-speed ship sequence that tests the player's straight flying abilities. Following this is an upside-down UFO segment, which, despite its visual complexity, is manageable with practice. After a brief switch, players encounter two jumps before returning to a cube form.

  • 24-36%: This section introduces a double-speed wave segment that can be challenging for new players due to its rapid pace and precise movements.

  • 36-48%: Following the wave, players navigate a double-speed ball segment with tricky timings. Numbers 1 through 5 flash on the screen at the end of this segment, adding a visual cue for players.

  • 48-76%: After the song's tempo increases, the level shifts to a triple-speed cube section filled with fake paths and difficult timings. This part is particularly tricky and requires sharp reflexes. The level then transitions into a UFO section with frequent gravity changes, demanding precise timing and quick thinking. The following cube segment is simpler but requires focus to maintain the rhythm.

  • 76-84%: Players then encounter a slow yet tight wave section that, while slower, still requires careful navigation.

  • 84-91%: The level continues with a half-speed sequence featuring gravity changes, which adds complexity to the gameplay.

  • 91-100%: The final part of DeCode is a normal-speed mini-cube segment with straightforward jumps across two block mazes. The level concludes with the creator's name, Rek3dge, displayed.


  1. Practice Makes Perfect: Spend time in practice mode to familiarize yourself with each segment's unique challenges and timings.

  2. Focus on Timing: Many parts of the level rely heavily on precise timing. Work on mastering the rhythm of each section to improve your overall performance.

  3. Straight Flying Skills: The ship sections require good control. Practice maintaining a steady flight path to navigate these parts successfully.

  4. Adapt to Speed Changes: Be prepared for sudden changes in speed and gravity, particularly in the UFO and wave sections. Learning to adapt quickly is crucial.

  5. Stay Calm: Despite its difficulty, staying calm and composed will help you react better to the level's demanding segments.


  • The triple-speed gravity-switching UFO segment and the half-speed wave segment are the toughest parts of DeCode.
  • DeCode was used by TheMuteTroll to expose Geometry Dash hackers, such as Noobas, in a popular video.
  • Anaban hacked DeCode, turning it into a free Demon, but the level was eventually restored to its original state.
  • Flukester, an unknown creator, remade the level in version 2.1 as FinalCode, which became the 24th Weekly Demon. This version, while easier overall, features a slow wave section with frequent speed changes, adding to its difficulty.

With these strategies and a good amount of practice, players can tackle the challenges of Geometry Dash DeCode Noclip and enjoy one of the game's most iconic Demon levels.

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