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Geometry Dash Doomsday

Geometry Dash Doomsday crafted meticulously by Neptune, also known as IIINePtunEIII, stands as an Insane level within the Geometry Dash universe, earning a formidable 9-star rating for its daunting challenges.

How to play

The journey through Geometry Dash Doomsday is a test of precision and timing, with each segment presenting its unique hurdles:

  1. UFO Segment: Begin with a challenging UFO segment, navigating through spikes with precise timing. Jump above hanging spikes, and the last spike will vanish.

  2. Ship Section: Transition to a ship, where you'll execute straight flying and interact with orbs. Navigate through narrow spike gaps.

  3. Mini-Cube Section: Proceed through a mini-cube section, which though confusing, is not overly difficult.

  4. Mini-Wave Section: Navigate through narrow spaces in a mini-wave section.

  5. Jitter Clicking: Engage in jitter clicking in subsequent sections, requiring steady hand movements.

  6. Mirror Portal: Experience a mirrored section, adding a twist to the gameplay.

  7. Ball Section: Adjust your speed through platforms akin to the Cataclysm level.

  8. Wave Segment: Navigate through a wave section with precision clicking.

  9. Cube Challenges: Overcome challenges in cube form, jumping on blocks and adjusting to changing platforms.

  10. Transition Mastery: Manage various transitions, from mode changes to navigating moving platforms.

  11. Robot Section: Time your jumps carefully to avoid crashing into spikes.

  12. Final Ship Sequence: Conclude with a sequence of ship flights, revealing the author's nickname.


  1. Precision is Key: Focus on precise timing and movements to navigate through spikes and obstacles.

  2. Practice Transitions: Master transitions between different game modes and platforms to maintain momentum.

  3. Steady Hand: Develop steady hand movements for sections requiring jitter clicking.

  4. Observe Patterns: Pay attention to recurring patterns and obstacles to anticipate upcoming challenges.

  5. Stay Calm: Keep a calm demeanor during challenging sections to maintain focus and precision.


  1. Item Count: Boasting a staggering 19,623 items, showcasing the level's intricacy.

  2. Ranking History: Initially ranked at #35, it later moved to #103, highlighting its legacy within the Geometry Dash community.

  3. Critiques: Despite criticisms of being unfun and unoriginal, some find enjoyment in its challenges.

  4. Community Challenges: Electricbass challenged players like Mullsy04 and Minguito04 to conquer the level, adding to its community engagement.

Geometry Dash Doomsday, with its blend of intricate gameplay and community history, remains a notable entry in the Geometry Dash universe.

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