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Geometry Dash Meat Rush

Geometry Dash Meat Rush by RoiMousti is an exhilarating easy demon level designed with a rating of 10 stars and featuring 1 user coin. Here's a comprehensive guide to mastering this dynamic level.

How to play

The level is crafted in a basic style with occasional spectacular elements. Despite its complexity, it is categorized as Easy due to its manageable gameplay mechanics. The entire level spans a duration of 1 minute and 1 second, making it relatively short but packed with 41,943 objects. Players using weaker devices are advised to enable low detail mode to optimize performance. The soundtrack, featuring familiar tunes from Breakout and Breakout Redux demons, complements the gameplay experience.

Detailed Breakdown

0-20%: Cube Stage

  • Begin as the cube, navigating through spheres with simple timings.
  • Use blue trampolines for jumps, watching for small white flashes.
  • Accelerate as gameplay intensifies, marked by frequent flashes and the introduction of the "beatmeat" inscription.

20-35%: Drop

  • Switch to the robot form, executing mini and big jumps.
  • Utilize the pink sphere for propulsion and navigate through challenging sections.
  • A dollar symbol art piece appears around 34%.

35-50%: Ship and UFO Alternation

  • Maneuver through light straights as the ship.
  • Transition to UFO mode with precise portal clicks.
  • Conclude with a brief, challenging mini-wave featuring an "E" art piece.

50-62%: Cube Redux

  • Return to the cube form, managing simple timings amidst outbreaks and Minecraft-inspired hunger unit art.

62-73%: Wave

  • Navigate as the wave, guided by the "You can slide!" instruction.
  • Skillfully evade spikes and navigate blocks with precise movements.

73-86%: Second Drop Section

  • Transition through cube and UFO segments.
  • Encounter blue-toned decor and manage increasingly complex UFO challenges.

86-100%: Final Challenge

  • Conclude with a demanding robot segment, requiring precise jumps and quick reactions.
  • Celebrate the level's completion with final art and inscriptions honoring its creator and dedication.


  • The sole coin is located at 66%, requiring players to ride the wave above a block to collect it.

Geometry Dash Meat Rush offers a thrilling gameplay experience with its mix of manageable challenges and spectacular design elements. By mastering each section's unique mechanics and timings, players can conquer this easy demon level and enjoy its rewarding conclusion. Remember to adjust settings for optimal performance on varying device capabilities. Good luck, and dash your way through Meat Rush!

This guide provides a structured approach to navigating the level, ensuring players can maximize their enjoyment and success in Geometry Dash Meat Rush.

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