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Geometry Dash Prismarine

Geometry Dash Prismarine is an epic Harder level rated 6 stars and includes 3 user coins. Created by SirHadoken, this level is the fourth in the Crystal Gauntlet series. Here’s a detailed guide on how to navigate through the different stages of this exciting game:

How to play

  1. Initial Navigation: The level begins with a cube that you must guide through a series of rings while avoiding numerous spikes.
  2. Transition to Spacecraft: After the cube section, you take control of a spacecraft. In this phase, you must avoid colliding with "dropping carts" and a robot that resembles a cube under construction.

Spacecraft in Zero Gravity:

  1. Zero Gravity Challenges: The spacecraft returns in a zero-gravity environment, requiring you to dodge various obstacles without the usual gravitational pull.

Alien Spaceship Phase:

  1. Dodging Saws and Hazards: Navigate an alien spaceship through saws and other hazards, maintaining precise control to avoid instant death.

Spider and Wave Sections:

  1. Spider Gameplay: Transform into a spider, utilizing dash-orbs and jump-pads to progress through this section.
  2. Wave Section: After the spider, enter a wave segment where you can collect a coin, similar to the style in Fingerdash.

Final Stages:

  1. Slow and Fast Cube: The gameplay transitions back to a relatively slow cube, followed by a quicker and smaller counterpart.
  2. Final Spaceship Challenge: Conclude with a small spaceship navigating a passageway that resembles a straight line, which is known for being deceptively simple.


  • End of Level: Successfully navigating all these phases will lead you to the end of the level, where the curtain finally falls.

Tips for Geometry Dash Prismarine

Playing Geometry Dash Prismarine can be challenging, but with these tips, you can improve your chances of completing the level and collecting all the user coins:

General Tips

  1. Practice Mode: Utilize practice mode to familiarize yourself with each section before attempting the level in normal mode. This helps you understand the timing and positions of various obstacles.
  2. Stay Calm: Maintain a calm demeanor, especially during difficult parts. Panicking can lead to mistimed jumps and crashes.

Specific Sections

  1. Cube Navigation: Pay close attention to the timing when navigating through rings and spikes with the cube. Memorize the pattern of obstacles to avoid sudden deaths.
  2. Spacecraft Control: During the spacecraft phases, focus on maintaining smooth movements. Avoid making sharp turns that could lead to collisions.
  3. Zero Gravity: When in zero gravity, remember that your spacecraft will float more freely. Adjust your movements accordingly to avoid overcorrecting.

Collecting Coins

  1. First Coin (12%): Activate the coin ring and jump upwards instead of onto the green ring to collect the first coin.
  2. Second Coin (50-53%): Navigate the tight tunnel at the bottom to obtain the second coin. Move past the saw and fly back up the same tunnel to secure it.
  3. Third Coin (96%): To collect the third coin, obtain three skulls at 59%, 64%, and 71%, followed by three hearts at 81%, 88%, and 95%.

Interesting Facts

  1. No Ball Sections: Prismarine is unique in the Crystal Gauntlet for not having any ball sections.
  2. Minecraft Reference: The name "Prismarine" is inspired by a type of stone used in the construction of underwater temples in Minecraft.
  3. ULDM Addition: SirHadoken added the ULDM version of the level as a more comprehensive alternative after feedback on the original LDM version.

By following these tips and understanding the structure of the level, you'll improve your skills and increase your chances of successfully completing Geometry Dash Prismarine. Good luck!

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