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Geometry Dash Trump Circles

Geometric Descent Trump Circles is a unique collaboration level in Geometry Dash, featuring elements inspired by the infamous Nine Circles demon levels. Despite its parody nature and association with current events, mastering this level requires a strategic approach. Here’s a breakdown to help you navigate through its various segments:

How to play

Designed by Roll, Accord, Moufi, Gibbon, Darwin, and Titi, Geometric Descent Trump Circles is categorized as an Easy Demon level. It incorporates gameplay mechanics akin to the notorious Nine Circles series but with simplified challenges.

  • 0-12% (Rlol): Begin with a straightforward cube section resembling the Nine Circles theme. Despite fake obstacles, minimal tapping is required.

  • 13-25% (Axxorz): Transition to a challenging ship sequence with gravity changes and jump orbs. Focus on precise straight-flying and timing skills here.

  • 26-38% (Moufi): Navigate through a ball segment with numerous fake jump orbs and blocks. Memorization is key to progress.

  • 39-50% (Gibbon): Return to a normal-paced cube section with moderate timing challenges. Strategic planning is necessary.

  • 51-81% (Darwin): Enter the triple-speed wave section reminiscent of Nine Circles. Enjoy visually appealing custom backgrounds and simpler obstacle patterns compared to typical demon levels.

  • 82-100% (Titi): Conclude with a half-speed cube segment that requires minimal effort to complete. The decoration is basic, featuring only essential elements.

Tips for Success

  1. Practice Sections: Focus on mastering each segment individually through practice mode. This helps in memorizing layouts and understanding timing requirements.

  2. Timing and Precision: Especially in ship and wave segments, precise timing and control are crucial. Utilize jump orbs effectively to navigate gravity changes.

  3. Memorization: For ball segments (Moufi), memorize the location of fake jump orbs and blocks to avoid mistakes.

  4. Visual Cues: Pay attention to visual cues provided by the level design, such as custom backgrounds and color schemes, to anticipate upcoming challenges.

  5. Final Segment: The last 20% of the level features an auto-ship sequence with pixel art of Donald Trump. Enjoy this concluding section after completing the manual gameplay challenges.

Geometric Descent Trump Circles offers a playful take on the challenging Nine Circles genre in Geometry Dash. By understanding each segment’s unique challenges and employing strategic gameplay, you can conquer this level with ease. Practice diligently, focus on timing, and enjoy the journey through its visually stimulating design elements.

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