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Geometry Dash UFO On Track

Geometry Dash UFO On Track is a challenging level rated 4 stars with 2 bronze user coins, crafted by the player ZelLink. This is the second level in the UFO Pack level set and is an official remake of the popular Back on Track level, optimized specifically for UFO gameplay. Unlike the original, UFO On Track introduces a series of intricate obstacles, including multiple spikes and saws, designed to prevent players from flying over them easily.

How to Play

When starting the level, players are greeted by a pink backdrop and a trampoline strategically placed between spikes. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the gameplay:

  1. Initial Jumping Sequence:

    • Jump over the first two spikes.
    • Continue to jump over the poles, landing on the trampoline, then over more poles.
    • Keep leaping until the trampoline propels you upwards, causing the backdrop to darken.
  2. Platform and Spike Navigation:

    • Leap over the platforms while avoiding spikes. All trampolines in this section are safe.
    • Engage in a small parkour sequence consisting of semi-blocks and pillars.
    • Navigate over the spikes again, nearing the portal.
  3. Ship Stage:

    • Enter a section with a blue backdrop where the floor and ceiling are clear, allowing contact.
    • Fly through the spikes and enter the portal at the last slide.
  4. Final Section:

    • Jump over spikes and onto platforms above thorns.
    • Use one trampoline, then two.
    • Continue jumping on semi-blocks and blocks until reaching another blue backdrop.
    • Leap over spikes, onto pillars, over the final spike, fall onto a trampoline, and complete the level.


  1. First Coin (54%):

    • To obtain the first coin, navigate through the spiked upper tunnel.
  2. Second Coin (98%):

    • For the second coin, do not jump at 94%. Instead, fall down the tunnel, hop over the spikes twice, and the coin will be automatically collected.

Tips for Success

Mastering the Trampolines

  • Timing is crucial. Practice the timing of your jumps to ensure you land correctly on trampolines and poles. The sequences can be tight, and mistimed jumps can easily lead to failure.

Navigating Spikes and Saws

  • Pay close attention to the placement of spikes and saws. Each obstacle is designed to challenge your reflexes and precision. Memorizing their patterns can greatly increase your chances of success.

Parkour Precision

  • The parkour sections require precise jumping and timing. Familiarize yourself with the semi-blocks and pillars to avoid falling into spikes.

Ship Control

  • In the ship stage, controlling your flight path is essential. Practice flying through tight spaces and adjusting your height quickly to avoid obstacles.

Coin Collection

  • To get the first coin, perfect your navigation through the upper tunnel by practicing the path multiple times.
  • For the second coin, remember to fall down the tunnel and jump over the spikes twice. Timing and positioning are key to automatic collection.

Patience and Practice

  • This level is designed to test your skills. Take your time to practice each section until you can navigate through them smoothly. Persistence is crucial.

Using Safe Zones

  • Utilize the safe zones where you can land or fly without immediate danger. These areas are essential for regrouping and planning your next move.

By following these tips and dedicating time to practice, players can successfully navigate and complete Geometry Dash UFO On Track, enjoying the challenge and thrill it offers. Happy gaming!

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