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Geometry Dash Ultra Violence

Geometry Dash Ultra Violence is a challenging Medium Demon level that showcases intricate design and intense boss battles. Created by Xender Game and approved by both Xender Game and Viprin, this level is celebrated for its elaborate decoration and dynamic gameplay.

How to play

Ultra Violence was initially intended as an Insane Demon but is rated as a Medium Demon due to an incomplete upload, sparking debate over its actual difficulty. It serves as the inaugural level in Xender Game's Apocalypse Chapter Trilogy, setting a high standard for subsequent creations.

  • 0-7%: Begin in a mechanical environment with saw-blades and orbs requiring precise timing. Navigate quick jumps amidst ominous messages like "CRY" and "CHAOS."
  • 7-13%: Transition to a monochrome setting with a mini-robot, featuring jump pads and precise maneuvers. Background messages intensify the atmosphere.
  • 13-27%: Control a UFO through a factory, tapping quickly to navigate spiky tunnels with shifting gravity. Transition through different modes including straight-fly and spider sequences.
  • 28-42%: Enter "City Neon 666" with rapid gameplay changes and orb challenges leading to the first boss encounter.
  • 43-61%: Face the 'Doominator,' a spider-like robot launching fireballs and lasers. Master wave and mini-ship modes amidst escalating challenges.
  • 61-74%: Experience a dual section with dash orbs and encounter a giant robot briefly before preparing for the final boss.
  • 75-100%: Confront 'Abomination,' a colossal mechanical beast firing lasers and energy spheres. Navigate a high-speed wave mode with precise dodging, culminating in an intense final showdown.

Tips for Success

  1. Practice Precision: Master timing and quick reactions to overcome intricate obstacles and boss patterns.
  2. Memorize Patterns: Boss fights require memorization of attack sequences for effective dodging and survival.
  3. Use Visual Cues: Watch for visual cues such as arrows or highlighted paths to anticipate upcoming challenges.
  4. Utilize Power-ups: Activate guiding lights or collect coins for bonuses and enhancements.
  5. Stay Calm: Maintain composure during intense segments to make accurate decisions and avoid panic-induced mistakes.

Geometry Dash Ultra Violence offers a visually stunning and challenging gameplay experience with its unique blend of platforming and boss battles. Navigate through its various segments with precision and strategy to conquer one of Xender Game's most acclaimed creations. Whether you're aiming to complete the level or achieve high scores, mastering its mechanics and patterns is key to success.

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